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Care Instructions
To ensure your jewellery remains looking as new and shiny as possible, we strongly advise you to follow our aftercare instructions.

Make sure to avoid keeping your jewellery in contact with the following: water and any products containing chemicals, including but not limited to chlorine, soap, sanitizer, perfume, and all cleaning products. Precious metals and natural stones are extremely delicate and will quickly discolour and change when exposed to particular substances or the wrong environment. Do not wear your jewellery when showering, swimming, in humid weather (including sauna and steam-room), participating in physical activities, carrying and moving heavy items, and also when sleeping. Please also keep your jewellery out of direct sunlight and away from heat.

When using natural stones, each stone has the tendency to appear slightly different in shade and pattern from another version of the same product. Not every product is exactly the same, which makes them even more special. All natural stones are extremely delicate and must be protected from contact with hard objects or surfaces. All our pearls are freshwater-farmed pearls, and each pearl will slightly vary in size and characteristics. All pearls are to be handled with the utmost care as they are very fragile.

We recommend taking your jewellery to a reputable jeweller for professional cleaning annually. General wear and tear and dirt build-up are inevitable on all jewellery, semi/precious stones, and metals. We have also provided a polish cloth with each product that we recommend using gently on your jewellery at least once a week.

The more effort you make in maintaining your jewellery, the better. Jewellery must be looked after for longevity; jewellery is not just for Christmas.